What are the benefits of voice-directed warehousing?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are struggling to keep high levels of accuracy and meeting customers’ expectations for ever decreasing delivery windows. In order to remain competitive, they need to take a holistic approach to optimising their operations. The key is to select the right technological innovations that will fulfil your business’ needs.


What is Voice Recognition Technology?

Voice recognition is the ability of a machine or program to receive and interpret spoken language. In a warehousing context, it creates a direct dialogue between a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and floor staff through plain language commands, eliminating the need for RF scanners or paper.


Voice Recognition Technology uses

Voice Recognition Technology has many uses, the main goal is always to create an interaction between a product and its users. While you might have not heard the term before, you are undoubtedly familiar with goods that utilize it such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google speech recognition.


How does Voice Recognition help warehouses?

Automation tools such as Voice Recognition can greatly increase warehouse productivity by allowing floor staff access to the information needed to drive key processes hands-free, eyes-free, and wirelessly.

Voice technology offers more freedom of mobility than traditional RF scanners. It uses a small wireless mobile device to deliver spoken instructions to users through a headset and captures their responses using a microphone. This eliminates the need for floor staff to constantly stop, look at an RF unit screen and key in information.

Warehouse voice technology is effective in even the noisiest of environments. The software can tune out forklift beeps, pallet drops, freezer fans, and other miscellaneous noises, ensuring your workers have a flawless user experience.

While it was initially created to optimize picking, the success of the solution has resulted in a growing number of use cases including receiving, put-away, replenishment, cycle counting, produce traceability and more.

Labour costs account for the largest part of a warehouse’s overheads. Voice technology can dramatically affect these costs by increasing productivity and accuracy while reducing training time.

Every business has different needs when it comes to a voice solution, but if you’re looking to overhaul your entire operation, voice can help your warehouse perform at its best!


Warehouse Optimisation

Optimisation can be applied to a variety of operational steps like receiving, picking, packing, loading, shipping, replenishing, inventory management and back-office procedures. It generally refers to streamlining existing processes by increasing efficiency, speed, reliability and accuracy.

A Warehouse Management System can automate and optimize all processes within your supply chain. Implementing a WMS comes at a – usually high – cost. However, this technology can dramatically improve productivity, shrink order turnaround windows, and maximize throughput and capacity ultimately slashing operating costs.

iWMS Australasia utilizes HighJump technology, a solution that can be scaled and tailored to meet any business needs. The core software architecture can be easily adapted in a fraction of the time of conventional systems, and at a fraction of the cost! And because all changes are external to the core software, upgrades and support are not compromised. This guarantees low total cost of system ownership.


HighJump WMS & Voice Recognition for warehousing excellence

HighJump offers integration with Voice Recognition technology that supports real-time processing directly with your warehouse management system (WMS) or host system. An interface lets a WMS provider drive the business logic centrally, while relying on the Voice Recognition system to update as your workers move throughout the warehouse. This ensures that you will always be up-to-date with what is happening in your warehouse.

The success of voice in the warehouse has been well documented by HighJump, and the impressive statistics associated with a voice implementation are often the reason that many begin considering the technology. Common benefits associated with a voice implementation include:

·         10-80% productivity increase

·         Up to an 85% accuracy increase

·         67% training time decrease on average

·         50% turnover decrease, with an increase in worker satisfaction

With the HighJump platform, iWMS Australasia can offer your business tailored, configurable and scalable Warehouse Management solutions that will meet your exact business needs today and for years to come. Contact us today to discuss your business requirements.