Vision Picking can transform your Warehouse

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience where reality is extended by computer-generated information. It provides users with an enhanced composite view of the real-world. From simulation virtual reality headsets to everyday smart glasses, this technology can bring value and excitement through multiple applications and industries.

For Enterprises, augmented reality can revolutionise warehouse operations. The technology has the potential to enhance numerous activities from training programs, through logistics, to equipment operation. Industrial smart glasses go beyond visual cues, also leveraging voice or barcode scanning capabilities. These devices open the door to a new multi-modal picking process, including voice and scanning technology, for a seemingly hands-free experience. 


Benefits of Vision Picking

Vision picking empowers users with access to real-time digital order information, while freeing them completely from handheld RF devices. The smart glasses provide visual and voice cues to guide workers. The glasses also have navigation features that can sense the worker’s positioning in the warehouse.

Essentially, there is a visual display of order information and target location that ensures complete error-free picking. This improves productivity, accuracy and leads to a faster fulfilment rate. It automatically tracks lots and serial numbers continuously enhancing quality control. Image capturing ensures accuracy, so users don’t need to take any additional steps.

Additionally, vision picking is easy to learn and operate, thus it can significantly reduce employee on-boarding time.

Finally, warehouse workers have reported that smart glasses are comfortable to wear: higher workplace satisfaction adds value to performance!


Vision X Voice Picking

The mobility, flexibility and ease of operation provide extensive benefits compared to pick-to-light or voice-directed applications.

Vision picking saves the time and manual efforts required in the traditional pick-by-paper approach. In the past, workers would have to navigate around the warehouse on their own to search for items in inventory. Since fulfilment instructions were paper-based and prone to errors, items were not efficiently picked for shipment.

With Voice Picking, workers wear a headset that allows them to verbally communicate with the warehouse software to receive and confirm picking tasks. Voice picking systems are over 50% more productive than pick-by-paper. However, the implementation cost can be very high. Since order picking accuracy isn’t significantly improved with this method, some businesses are hesitant to adopt it.



At iWMS Australasia, we were fortunate to have had a demonstration of the Picavi smart glass, and we were very impressed! As reported by Supply Chain 24/7 Magazine, “the Picavi solution typically incorporates a wearable ring scanner and a wearable power control unit that functions as a battery and control unit for the glasses. Voice directives can be part of a Picavi solution, Bellenberg says. The combination of vision, voice and scanning while keeping the operator’s hands free makes for a productive solution, she adds. Depending on the speed of the previous picking system, Picavi’s customers report time savings of up to 20% using smart glasses.”

Read the full Supply Chain 24/7 article here.

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