Top benefits of running an Automated Dynamic Supply Chain

“We cannot keep up the conventional working methods, we need a new business model for business operations in their entirety, and for the supply chains of which companies are a part. Mindsets and corresponding practices will have to change dramatically in order to survive, in order to exist at all” – J Gattorna, Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment 

Staying competitive in today’s increasingly complex retail environment requires supply chain professionals to implement innovative solutions to effectively manage complex challenges while simultaneously reducing operational expenses.

The traditional, rigid chain is unable to efficiently keep pace with all the demands being placed on it. Moving to a dynamic model enables businesses to transform their supply chains into adaptable ecosystems of processes, people, technology and data.

The dynamic supply chain strives focuses on operational agility that drives profits, not just short-term efficiencies. For companies to successfully compete in this new environment, they need to digitize and automate each step of the workflow. Some examples of software solutions that can optimize a supply chain include Warehouse Management System (WMS), Yard Management System and Transportation Management System (TMS).

This article discusses how a WMS can elevate you Supply Chain from rigid to dynamic, enabling workers to be more efficient and effective than ever before.


What is WMS anyway?

“For warehouse managers looking to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced economy, installing an effective WMS isn’t just a good idea – it’s a necessity. “ - HighJump

WMS stands for Warehouse Management System which, in a nutshell, is a software solution designed to support and optimise the daily operations of a warehouse.


Efficiency and Productivity

A WMS’ advanced functionality increases inventory turns and provides detailed worker accountability, resulting in heightened efficiency and productivity ultimately reducing labour related costs.

Directed, optimized warehouse activities reduce picking time and product touches by allowing you to seize cross-docking opportunities. It also minimizes travel paths with slotting/re-slotting functionality, optimizes picking execution with user configured algorithms, and intelligently directs put-away to the appropriate bins based on product handling characteristics.

Furthermore, a WMS virtually eliminate the need for non-value-added activities such as manual work verification and shipment audits.


Inventory Accuracy

Inventory inaccuracy can lead to major operational problems like under stocking, building up obsolete stock and inventory wastage.

Through real-time work direction, confirmation and verification, a WMS provides your employees and their managers with immediate feedback on work accuracy. An accurate system ensures workers are not looking for missing inventory or overloading any given location.


Boost On-Time and Complete Shipments

The accurate order picking functionality of a WMS allows you to deliver complete orders on time.

Increased fill rates and decreased cycle times allow you to avoid shipping delays and backorders that jeopardize valuable customer relationships.

In addition, overall process efficiency decreases cycle time, resulting in more on-time shipments.


Optimize Warehouse Space

A WMS will provide directed stock rotation, intelligent picking directives, automatic consolidation, and cross-docking to maximize the use of valuable warehouse space. The system also directs and optimizes put-away based on accurate, real-time information about the status of bin utilization.


Reduce Shrinkage and Spoilage

The WMS will facilitate real-time monitoring and enforce FIFO rotation to reduce spoilage. In addition, high levels of worker accountability empower you to detect shrinkage problems.


Increase Revenue Opportunities

The flexible processes accommodate personalized, value-added service requirements such as kitting, compliance labelling, returns management, promotional material insert handling and warranty tracking.


Exceed Customer Expectations

“…we have moved to a new world; a world which moves very fast and one in which a lot of the control has shifted into the hands of the consumer. The consumer today decides how and when they want to access information about your company or product, how, when and where they want to buy your product, and when and where they want to receive the delivery.” - Capegemini

A WMS will empower your business the ability to reduce cycle times, stock-outs and backorders; improve order accuracy and on-time shipments; and offer unique services. The result is consistently delivering on customer promises, building not only a wider customer base but also brand loyalty.


iWMS Australasia and HighJump

“HighJump Software has enabled us to be more productive without a huge increase in IT staff. Our growing business is demanding and the HighJump solutions give us the agility we require without compromise. It has been the perfect WMS system for our fulfilment centre and its ever-changing needs.” – Carter Lee,

iWMS Australasia utilizes HighJump technology, a solution that can be scaled and tailored to meet any business needs. Whether you’re looking for an adaptable solution built to fit your unique requirements or one that can be quickly configured and implemented, we arm your operations with the tools you need to achieve short-term efficiencies while enabling scalable growth.

We couple best-in-class functionality controlled by a series of switches and parameters with an available set of user-driven tools that allow you to build unique business processes. Your Operations and IT teams can own optimization and build differentiation -- no source code modifications or high services bills required.

The result? Your supply chain becomes more agile in how it responds to organizational needs and environmental pressures with the lowest total cost of ownership.

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