What’s the cost of NOT having the right technology in your warehouse?

For warehouse managers looking to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced economy, installing an effective warehouse management system (WMS) isn’t just a good idea – it’s a necessity.
— HighJump

What’s the cost of NOT having the right technology in your warehouse?

Simply put, a warehouse management system (WMS) is a software solution designed to support and optimise the daily operations of a warehouse. A WMS can provide real-time inventory visibility and control.

All warehouses are managed differently, depending on the type of business and ultimately the supply chain they support. However, there are a few common problems most Managers encounter that can significantly affect a business’ bottom line:

  • Slow picking rate

  • Inventory inaccuracy

  • Poor space utilization

  • Low efficiency and productivity

A WMS can automate and optimise all processes within your supply chain, shrinking turnaround windows. Increased fill rates and decreased cycle times will enable you to avoid costly shipping delays and backorders that jeopardize valuable customer relationships.

Additionally, automation can help with planning and managing inventory, leading to up to 99+ percent inventory accuracy. Cycle counting and real-time information verification ensures warehouse staff are not wasting time looking for misplaced or missing items.

Finally, optimising storage systems through directed stock rotation, intelligent picking directives, automatic consolidation, and cross-docking ensures no space in your warehouse is wasted.

If you want to learn more about how a WMS can maximize productivity and ultimately reduce your operating costs, read through this 6-Part Series where HighJump discusses the costs of not having the right supply chain technology in your warehouse.

No matter your business size, having a warehouse management system will benefit you. With the HighJump platform, iWMS Australasia can offer your business a tailored, configurable and scalable solution that will meet your exact business needs today and for years to come.  Contact us now.