Cloud-based WMS increases flexibility, scalability and security

The rise of eCommerce and increasing demands of its customers has put pressure on warehouse and supply chain leaders to revolutionise their operations. Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) are pushed to broaden offerings and shorten delivery timeframe in order to remain competitive.

Businesses are pushed to revaluate their legacy systems and invest in new solutions. Warehouse and Supply Chain Management systems support businesses in building a strong growth strategy. As the shift from traditionally installed software to cloud technology continues to accelerate, the cloud affords increased flexibility, scalability and security.

By engaging the right cloud supply chain partner, you’ll enable your organization to focus on your business without the burden of servers, networking, database, and other routine maintenance tasks.


Warehouse Management Systems

Simply put, a warehouse management system (WMS) is a software solution designed to support and optimise the daily operations of a warehouse. A WMS can provide real-time inventory visibility and control.

A WMS can automate and optimise all processes within your supply chain, shrinking turnaround windows. Increased fill rates and decreased cycle times will enable you to avoid costly shipping delays and backorders that jeopardize valuable customer relationships.

Additionally, automation can help with planning and managing inventory, leading to up to 99+ percent inventory accuracy. Cycle counting and real-time information verification ensures warehouse staff are not wasting time looking for misplaced or missing items.

Finally, optimising storage systems through directed stock rotation, intelligent picking directives, automatic consolidation, and cross-docking ensures no space in your warehouse is wasted.


On-premise X Cloud-based solutions

Could-based systems offer a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as you’ll only pay for what you use, minimizing the need for server infrastructure, reducing employee training, and outsourcing security and monitoring. Additionally, deployment is much faster with cloud-based systems as they rely on professionally certified architecture and existing servers.

On-premise systems also require a significant amount of costly hardware, which will likely become after a period of time. Hardware can also fail or break, causing your company to loose part or all of its  Cloud-based systems typically include hardware upgrades within their service fees.



Have peace of mind that your system is being maintained by supply chain experts who understand the impact downtime can have on your business. Expect stability, better RTO/RPO, and +99.5% uptime. Performance is dedicated and never over-allocated.


Access to Business Intelligence

Benefit from product and performance feedback and improvements from thousands of businesses like yours.

You can take your cloud-based WMS with you with secure global access from any device


While it might be hard to imagine cyber safety as a warehouse management issue, your omnichannel customers may perceive it as crucial to trusting your brand. Truthfully, if your WMS was hacked, it could result in significant downtime or invaluable data loss.

By partnering with a reputable company like HighJump, you will have confidence knowing that the latest security concerns and system patching are kept up with to ensure unwanted intruders out.

HighJump Cloud-Based WMS

With 20+ years of cloud experience, HighJump cloud operations span multiple solutions with more than 1,000 customers worldwide.

The cloud-based HighJump WMS delivers highly-configurable, best-of-breed WMS functionality hosted on premier cloud platforms. By offloading your IT and hardware support to HighJump supply chain experts, you will vastly increase warehouse efficiency and optimize capital and cash.

With 24/7 monitoring and alerting, pre-defined best practices and benchmark data are carefully followed to better identify and solve root cause issues as they occur. This drastically reduces any over-the-phone or support ticket wait time to address problems quickly and efficiently.

As you continue to grow your business, HighJump allows you to increase computing capacity on the fly with no downtime. Furthermore, you can expand by defining the elasticity allowed to support seasonal growth and achieve scalability.

Elevate your warehouse from a cost centre to a strategic differentiator with the cloud-powered HighJump WMS. Contact us today!


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