3 Reasons you should invest in in-store fulfillment software

In-store order fulfillment software

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever before. They want to order your merchandise online or in-store, and they want it delivered in lightening quick time… or the flexibility to pick it up themselves.

As a result of these changing demands, retailers are being forced to change their approach to warehouse operations.

One such approach is in-store fulfillment: the process of fulfilling and shipping orders from a brick-and-mortar retail environment.

The benefits of adopting such an approach are considerable. In-store order fulfillment enables retailers to decrease shipping costs, boost gross margins, increase speed of delivery, improve agility across the supply chain and more.

However, before these benefits can be actualised; retailers must find ways to overcome the common challenges of in-store order fulfillment.

In response to this, HighJump have developed the complete end-to-end solution to implement, operate and optimise your in-store fulfillment processes while increasing your profitability.

Below are the key components of the in-store fulfillment solution:

The in-store fulfillment platform

HighJump’s in-store fulfillment platform has all the tools to set up an in-store fulfillment operation. In addition, the platform has full integration capabilities with existing POS, planograms, order management and ERP systems.

Best of all, the HighJump app store enables retailers to only choose the functionality that best suits their business needs. These tools include order capture, store mapping, work queue management, wave planning and real-time inventory tracking.

This unprecedented flexibility means that retailers only pay for what they use; lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, this flexibility enables retailers to get their fulfillment solution up-and-running faster.

Lastly, HighJump’s solution caters for any fulfillment configuration; whether it’s in-store, warerooms, warehouses or a combination of different fulfillment systems.

Fulfillment process optimisation

HighJump’s in-store fulfillment software is built to optimise order execution and strengthen your supply chain. This includes the optimisation of pick paths and order fulfillment.

The software guides your staff members through the fulfillment process in order to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

This also includes fulfillment prioritisation rules so that you can have more control over your online, home delivery, store and wholesale orders.  

Lastly, by moving fulfillment centres closer to your customers - you deliver orders faster and decrease your shipping costs.

Real-time inventory visibility

The in-store fulfillment software offers real-time inventory visibility for your customers, trading partners and insights into store management. This also includes an integration with order management, store replenishment information and supply chain planning.

In addition, this real-time data is also integrated across your POS, planogram and ERP systems, so that you can provide quality customer service and increase supply chain efficiencies.

Benefits of inventory visibility include:

  • Inventory adjustment controls and cycle counting increases your inventory accuracy and helps you avoid stock-outs, stockpiling and meeting customer demand.

  • Enabling a single pool of inventory per-product that means all channels have access and introduces fulfillment prioritisation rules to give you even more control.

  • Eliminates out-of-stock scenarios and increase brand equity by fulfilling customer orders, regardless of product location.

  • Optimise item substitution processes by customer demand.

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