HighJump Elevate 2019

Today’s consumer has ever-higher expectations for purchasing convenience, delivery speed, choice and adaptability. More options for consumers spell greater complexity for the supply chain. It’s no longer enough to fulfill demand – you must anticipate it, predict it and make smarter, faster decisions.
— HighJump Website

At its annual user conference Elevate, HighJump announced its 2019 plans to propel companies across the globe further into the connected and automated supply chain of the future by:

  • enabling companies to truly leverage AI;

  • continue enabling robotics to transform efficiency and flexibility;

  • developing technology and pursue partners to revolutionize core supply chain capabilities like yard and labor management with end-to-end visibility;

  • leveraging its solutions and partner ecosystem to strengthen the workforce of the future.

No matter your business size, having a warehouse management system will benefit you. With the HighJump platform, iWMS Australasia can offer your business a tailored, configurable and scalable solution that will meet your exact business needs today and for years to come. Contact us now: info@iwmsglobal.co.nz

Read the full HighJump press release here.