iWMS Announces New Brand Identity

iWMS has unveiled a new Brand identity, symbolised by a modern and sharper Brand mark. We have, at the same time, retained the core aspects of the original logo and not moved too far away from what Customers are familiar with.

This simple, yet effective, change in our Brand image was necessary to underpin our classic values and 8-year journey of growth and expansion into new markets around the world. We believe the new Brand mark better matches what we have become since our inception in 2009.

iWMS was conceived by Richard Evans (CEO) and Gregor Robertson (Technical Director).  It was established as an independent software consulting and support Company with a unique augmentation model, specialising in HighJump solutions.  They opened their head office in Johannesburg and an office in Durban, South Africa. Greg Linnell joined the business, a year later, as Sales Director.  In addition to being a HighJump partner, iWMS became the sole distributor of SmartFreight, offering parcel dispatch solutions in Southern Africa. 

The Company took advantage of globalisation and extended its operation into America, India (Bangalore and Hyderabad) and more recently into New Zealand (servicing the Australasian region).  This makes it possible for its teams to work across the world, share the same vision and goal, and draw on the diverse talent available to them.  This is extremely beneficial to project outcomes, helps contain costs and makes it possible for the Company to service customers 24/7.

To remain competitive in an era of automation, it was a natural progression for iWMS to include data collection hardware and wireless infrastructure solutions into its portfolio of capabilities and establish iWMS Hardware Solutions.  Data collection devices and wireless infrastructure are essential for a warehouse management system to function optimally and with this addition, iWMS is now a one stop shop for its customers.

Richard Evans, CEO added “We are proud of our new identity which truly reflects who we are and our unique position in a highly competitive industry. We have already added the updated Brand mark to our website and across our stationary and will roll out our new image into all other elements of our business over the next few weeks”.

Please contact us if you are looking for a warehouse and supply chain management system service provider for enterprises, and we will show you how they can cost effectively work for you, empowering you to develop your project into an innovative, functional system.