Case Study:  Multilayer Trading

Company Overview

Multilayer Trading achieves real-time visibility, increases productivity, improves efficiencies and adapts to customers' unique business processes with HighJump's adaptable warehouse management system. Multilayer Trading is an independently-owned third-party logistics (3PL) provider operating in South Africa. The group manages high-quality, modern warehousing space across its locations, providing storage, distribution and operational solutions to some of the largest retailers in the region.

The Challenge

Multilayer did not have a warehouse management system (WMS) in place and found it increasingly difficult to manage its growing volumes manually.  The unnecessary double handling was inefficient and risky and that, together with high overhead costs, hurt the business’ operating profits and performance. The company needed a WMS that offered full visibility into its inventory during its entire journey through the supply chain.

“It became clear that to remain competitive in the 3PL marketplace, it was important for us to invest in an automated warehouse management system and become more profitable by improving and growing our overall business operations. We needed the WMS to give us inventory visibility so we could service our customers in whatever manner they required. Our customers deserve the best service we can provide at the best price.” - Cameron Doyle, Accountant, Multilayer Trading

The Solution

After reviewing the solutions offered by major supply chain software vendors, Multilayer found that HighJump™ Warehouse Management System (WMS) had the most sophisticated functionalities available. Multilayer saw tremendous value in the flexibility of HighJump’s WMS, as it could be adapted to meet the organisation’s exact and diverse business needs.

These capabilities empowered Multilayer to add more customers and manage the larger volumes moving through its warehouse. HighJump, which supports different business processes for Multilayer’s different clients, acts as a conduit between the warehouse and those customer requirements. All activities are controlled by the WMS, which exposes real-time inventory, order status, and shipping information to supervisors.

Multilayer worked with iWMS , HighJump’s partner in South Africa, during the selection and implementation process. Multilayer could benefit from an immediate return on investment due to the iWMS “early adopter” program.

“Along with benefitting from the early adopter program, HighJump gives us the ability to expand our business while maintaining outstanding customer service,” Doyle said. “We realised that this can only be achieved by us having complete control of all activities, from the minute products enter the warehouse to the second they leave.”

The Results

Multilayer enjoyed a smooth implementation and the iWMS team facilitated a successful, painless go-live.

Soon after implementation, Multilayer saw measurable improvements in real-time inventory control, operating efficiency, and administrative costs. That resulted in improved productivity across all areas of the warehouse. The group has taken full advantage of HighJump’s adaptability to meet the constantly changing distribution models and requirements of its customers.

In addition, handheld computers now guide warehouse workers along the most efficient pick paths and directed put-away rules ensure every item is in the right location. This has improved picking times and cut the stock controller’s workload. 

Multilayer also values the constraints built into the WMS to prevent users from overriding the system or taking shortcuts.

"The improvement in the efficiency of our warehouse operations has helped us grow our production volumes and our profit ratios. We are very impressed with HighJump's capabilities. We found iWMS to be extremely professional and proficient throughout the process, from the initial discussions to the selection of the solution to finally the 'big bang' switch-on. We look forward to a long, successful partnership with iWMS and its technical support teams" added Doyle.